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Yaya knits & bobs Knitting and Crochet

About Me

My name is Nuria and I'm from Barcelona. Almost 13 years ago I married my lovely Aussie boy and we've managed to have 2 gorgeous kids together, My little Aussie man and 12 years old Aiden and my gorgeous and very determined little english lady Ari who is 8!

Six years ago we embraced a big adventure and moved to London from Barcelona. And here we are, three years later, happy and loving this little adorable place that is Kew (Richmond) where we live.

So, now that I can definitely say that my family is all settled, it's time for me to start my own big adventure and share my little creation: Yaya Knits & Bobs

Yayaknits is about sharing and teaching people to knit and crochet, along with the opportunity to purchase hand-made knit and crochet products that I can design for you or we can design together. 

The inspiration for Yayaknits comes mainly from my grandmother Carmen who we would call Yaya. She was an amazing, brave and inspiring woman who taught me as a little girl all the knitting and crochet skills she was passionate about. I would like to share this passion to all that want to learn.

But, lots of the inspiration comes as well from my lovely friends in Kew. They are the ones who have encouraged me to start this adventure after many, many coffees together (and some wines as well). I love all of you amazing women in Kew, but it wouldn't be fair not mentioning Nangi, Nisrin, Sally, Anastasia and Lottie....thank you my friends! For so many brilliant ideas and help! 

-- Nuria Caristino